spelling it out, because I know what I look like

It’s all about driving traffic, which is like a sport with me.

When I retweet nice things people say to me before I tell them thank you, it’s not because I’m showing off. I know last night might have seemed like that, and maybe times past have, too. I’ve been a lurker for years, and I cater to lurkers. I make it easy for lurkers. So I get up at 2:30 this morning, check my notifications, I see…

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when the pecking order gets a little ugly

when the pecking order gets a little ugly

My chickens used to have their own blog, then that went away when I got sick, then they sorta showed up on another blog, then mostly just got tweeted once in awhile through a really long year, and now they have their own blog again. Someone suggested they get their own twitter accounts, but they’re already so terribly spoiled, and what if one of them loses an iphone in the woods when she steps…

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Help me choose an author pic

Help me choose an author pic

Janika Banks:

I’m developing bets with a few people which pic is actually going to wind up on the book cover. This poll is cookie controlled, but you can vote from all your different devices if you are hellbent on forcing my hand. Please click to get to the poll, listing your choice in comments doesn’t count!

Originally posted on Janika Banks:

One of the things on my materials list for submission is an author picture for the back cover. Scott doesn’t like the one I chose, and…

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