the Yablo Sprite commercial

Grinding through what some people might think is a waste of time but is invaluable for assessing how far I’ve come with driving traffic on my social media. Thanks to the ongoing Xanga Relaunch migrating my old blogs onto the new WordPress servers, I’m doing eye-opening salvage operations that focus me on details I might not have appreciated by simply looking at stats. …

"Have you submitted your manuscript yet?"

I sent my beta readers a few samples and decided from the way they commented and advised me to go ahead and put a little more detail in (I’m getting too good at summarizing my thoughts since the days of 10,000 word emails) that I would also put more focus into a style I was playing around with. The comments were great, from very different readers, so my content is good, but if readers are asking…

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Cinnamon Bacon Rolls

Mmm, bacon cinnamon rolls. You’ve seen them floating around facebook, you wonder how they taste, you’re not sure if you want to try it and it looks really messy…

Ta-da! As you can see, your first crucial step is to buy precooked bacon.

Your second crucial step is to buy parchment paper. Always keep parchment paper on hand. You can find it by the foil and cling wrap. Crucial. Now, pop that can…

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Life as Social Media Art

I want to borrow a friend for this piece. My canvas is a rich text editor. My art is interactive curiosity. My impression is for the Social Mind.

As we begin, please to click this beautiful photo for original source.


We don’t often think of sunlight as something to hold onto in our hearts. Yes, this clicks to source. The few words there are intriguing.


We see each other in passing, leaving…

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