Originally posted 11-9-12. Thumbnails click out to original size.

I took my last long drive of the year out with my dad last Saturday, and it was so reminiscent of my childhood, especially the last couple of hours being uber carsick. Don’t worry, I didn’t throw up. I’m grown up now. My sister was kinda cringing over against her door… I never thought about other people suffering through my…

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autumn peak in the Ozarks

Originally posted 10-29-12.

You’d think this whole being allergic to autumn thing would deter me from frolicking out in it, but I installed a scaffold framework under my left eyeball so it couldn’t ooze down my face (loaded up on benadryl, I’m still floating) and spent the last three weeks running around all over the place.

We took off for miles two weekends in a row, one to Stockton Lake and one…

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RHPS character quiz

Originally posted on 9-30-08. See more rescued surveys at Surveypalooza.

From Which Rocky Horror Picture Show Character Are you like?

Click this pic if you’d like to swipe the poster I made.

 photo riffpunk.jpg

You Scored as Frank n Furter

You’re Frank n’ Furter A Sweet Transvestite from Transexual Transylvania

Frank n Furter 75%

Riff Raff 60%

Dr. Everett V. Scott 60%

Eddie 60%

The Criminologist 58%

Magenta 48%

Brad Majors 48%

Columbia 48%

Rocky Horror 43%

Janet Weiss 38%

chicken style pumpkin pie

My chickens love watermelon and cataloupe on hot summer days and equally like to slurp up oven roasted squashes as the season transitions into fall and winter. I accidentally found out they really like pumpkin one year when I tossed an old jackolantern towards the edge of the woods and it broke open- they cleaned it out in no time, right down to the rind. A year later I put one in the pen, same…

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Glade Top Trail

This is a rescue post from 9-24-12.

I don’t think I had been on Glade Top Trailin over 20 years. I’ve been sandwiched into between metro and tourist cities in a rural covenanted subdivision for so long that I kinda feel like I’m caught in a rat race. I lived on hundreds of acres near national forest during high school, so yesterday was awesome to get out and really breathe, even if it was only…

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#crowdspeak- adapting to the group mind

#crowdspeak- adapting to the group mind

I’ve been thinking about a picture I saw come through twitter (not going to post it) of a big guy leaning on a fast food counter with his stomach hanging out of his t-shirt, and the words alongside quipping “Say something nice.” At the time I saw it, many had retweeted, none had replied. No one could think of anything nice. I didn’t care to pass it on, even to pointedly say something nice,…

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